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The safest Covid-19 holiday destinations

Due to present virus concerns, we have researched the safest destinations for you and your family to holiday in. These will be updated on a continual basis.
As of 9th August 2020 these are the safest Coronavirus infected places to travel to or holiday in. Unfortunately many countries that were reasonably safe before are having a second wave of the virus and definitely NOT safe! As you note, the Caribbean is generally safe, excluding Cuba which has seen an increase with an average 30 cases per day last few weeks. So could be considered reasonably safe if taking all precautions. HOWEVER, many countries listed below still have entry restrictions in place. Check HERE for full country listings and further advice
All the Countries and territories listed below require no self-isolation requirement on return to England

Safe International Destinations - 9th August 2020: With less than 10 daily cases for several weeks/months and NOT increasing
Country - Total number of cases - Population - Latest Advice
Anguilla - 3 - 15,000 - No cases. Totally safe! But entry to tourists still not allowed.
Antigua and Barbuda - 91 - 97,000 - (UPDATED JUST NOW - No longer safe, second wave started June 27th and getting worse) MORE INFO
Barbados - 110 - 287,000 - First infections March 18th for about two weeks. Average two cases a week since April 11th. Strict regulations apply MORE
British Virgin Islands - 8 - 30,000 - Very safe. First Coronavirus cases March 24th to May 16th with no cases since. Entry still prohited for tourists MORE
CuraƧao - 29 - 164,000 - Has been relatively safe always. First case March 10th, with just the odd one per week.
Cyprus - 1,084 - 1,208,046 - Since May there has been an average of only 3 new cases a day. VISIT
Dominica - 18 - 72,000 - Very safe. First Coronavirus cases March 21st to April 10th with only two cases since.
Grenada - 24 - 112,564 - Only 24 in total and no new cases for past two months. Totally safe. VISIT
Jamaica - 856 - 2,962,196 - Since March 6th an average of ten new cases daily. Must obtain a Travel Authorization.
Madeira - 90 - 267,785 - Since the beginning of Covid-19 there has only been 90 cases. Madeira has one of the lowest infection rates in Europe.
Malaysia - 8,964 - 32,397,308 - Only just added this week, Malaysia has seen only 0 to 10 cases per day since beginning of June. Entry quarantine still apply.
Martinique - 269 - 375,241 - Only 269 cases since March 7th and are averaging only one per day since April 3rd. VISIT
Mauritius - 344 - 1,272,000 - First infections March 18th lasted about a month - Only couple cases since April 27th
Saint Kitts and Nevis -17 - 53,000 - Very safe. First Coronavirus cases March 23rd to April 19th with only three cases since.
Saint Lucia - 24 - 183,000 - Has been relatively safe always. First case March 14th, with an average of only per fortnight.
Seychelles - 114 - 98,395 - They have had very few cases and average less than one a day.
Sri Lanka - 2,814 - 21,420,404 - Apart from a spike on July 10th, only an average of 10 new cases a day since May 31st
St. Vincent Grenadines - 52 - 111,000 - Has been relatively safe always. First case April 1st, with just the odd one or two per week.
Tanzania - 509 - 59,849,045 - Very safe - No new Coronavirus cases since May 9th
Thailand -3304 - 69,800,000 - With just an average of 3 new cases per day since May 1st.
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