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Brussels Airlines Partnerships and bilateral network with over twenty four other major airlines gives you a tremendous number and range of flights within the Brussels Airlines network and access to the world's major airlines. Possibly one of the most colorful airlines in the world.

  • aerosmurf
  • Dakar
  • amare
  • Lisbon
  • bruegel (1)
  • Berlin
  • magritte
  • Rome
  • rackham
  • Seville
  • trident
  • Tel Aviv
  • Tel Aviv Beaches

Brussels Airlines are a member of Star Alliance giving its passengers a variety of benefits, the biggest one being a trans-continental network that's 26 members strong. Giving travelers a global reach from and via the Brussels hub. Our passengers can now travel to 1269 different destinations in over 193 countries within the network, with a smooth transit throughout the journey including easy baggage transfers and lounge access worldwide. No matter where you intend traveling, Brussels Air is your ticket to the world.

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